Jessica's Affirmation

I am happy, grateful, strong, tender, energizing, soothing, resilient, intrepid, strong in choosing to let my vulnerability show, genuine, flexible, determined, competent, curious, creative, intelligent, wise, empathic, lovable, loved, loving, beautiful and funny as hell.

I am enough, and I am in love with life.

When given the choice between what is comfortable and what is best, I choose what is best. I live for learning, understanding, challenging myself to grow, and inviting others to do the same for themselves. I do what I believe in and believe in what I do. I do my best to do what matters and trust that others do theirs.

I like to accomplish, and I like to just be. I delight in my own company and in the company of others. I enjoy joy whenever it happens to happen, and I create meaning in moments of pain. More than simply enjoy joy, I deepen it.

I deserve love. I enjoy love in abundance. I facilitate love in the lives of others. I extend and accept invitations to deepen rather than cheapen love.

I am enough, and I am immensely, intensely in love with life.


Jessica Leigh Hall, 2004          

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