lou funeral 1810 tabor
1900@60 gamble 1
2012 arrives karen surprise
12-24-2011 painted cave
12-9-2011 destructive snow
mickey 9-29-2012 karen 60th
1-5-2013 old hall family photos
6-2-2013 tabor back yard pond cleaning 6-15-2013
ddc's cutie stills 10-18-2013 cutie 4-2014
ddc's cutie video 10-18-2013 tabor back yard 5-11-2014
jessica 2012 karen june 2012
tabor 5-31-2014 sprinklers
tabor 8-23-2015 greer construction tabor young fish 8-23-2015
tabor 8-24-2015 greer construction maui 2015
stark photos 12-18-2015 tabor fence 2-15-2016
6-15-19 tabor back yard mr. bones 
kids jurassic yard
gorilla jurassic ducky morning
5-29-2020 photos tabor maya drinks 5-2021
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marty in 1956-57 airport 1970
vicky and jeff krend wedding julie and wally wedding 11-1966
1975 at louise's new home gene hall
junipero family antics 1969-ish meads in front of junipero
junipero summer 1969 marty biker dude age 12
junipero 1964-ish san diego 1971-ish
junipero 1958-ish junipero dining 1972-ish
junipero 1972-ish junipero family gathering 1974-ish
junipero family times junipero late 1960s-ish
junipero moving 2 junipero moving
junipero to paseo alicante party at krend home 1972
san marcos percy, goody & jeanne 1950s
julie wally car pch lhh msh 1965-ish mixed nuts
louise and marty foster city 1975 lhh stan msh umpqua river 1978
marty was clumbsy in 1975 julie k vicky msh and danelle 1975
julie k crawling at junipero log home construction 1979
junipero bad music days 1969 santa claus lane 1967
marty's first wedding 1971 lhh "kindness of strangers"
lhh interview 4-13-2003  
november 2014 trip to ca julie ann hall conners meads
jason first christmas julie slide show carlene made
jason 1-17-2015 jason watering 7-2016
kristin and tyler photos jason moment 7-16
christmas 2016 snow 1-7-2017 front back up
kristin's permanent birthday travis graduates 5-2018
mr. frog 5-2018 2018 hero event
mr. bones takes a dunk 9-15-18  
shark attack 1-4-2020