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"When Someone Is Dying . . .
The Words You Both Need "

Dealing with the impending death of someone important to you is an ordeal of unequalled difficulty. This book can help give you the words to open a meaningful dialogue between you and the one you care about who is dying.
Here you'll discover avenues to being at peace with death. When Someone Is Dying helps you recognize the stages -- from denial and anger through ultimate acceptance -- a dying person will most likely experience. Without this knowledge . . . without this communication . . . you risk losing the intimacy you both desire and need. You risk forcing your dying loved one to face death completely alone.

When Someone Is Dying helps you identify and assess the dying person's expectations, beliefs, and capacities. It reviews typical beliefs and perspectives of what may follow death. And it leaves you with a sense that death may actually be an opportunity for you -- for your entire family -- to share a degree of intimacy you'll never find elsewhere.

The luckiest of us choose to challenge our understanding,
and change our own feelings about death.

To you, this book will have its greatest value.

. For your reflection, here are selected chapters from this thoughtful, understanding volume . . .

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When Someone Is Dying 1988-2018, Martin Hall, & published by Writeside Publishing Co .
Eugene, Oregon. - ISBN: 0-9621163-0-0.