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Oregon . . . A Vista of Timeless Beauty

" . . . If there is peace to be found in the world,
a heart that is humble might hope for it here . . . "

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Attributed to a settler in the mid-1800s, upon first viewing Oregon's Mt. Hood foothills

Writeside Publishing has carefully and painstakingly captured every subtle gradation of green -- from vibrant emerald leaf to muted forest branch -- as found only in Oregon.

Highlighted by hand-lettered brushed script, this deckle-edged, vignetted photo taken by Rick Schafer is lithographed in five-color process onto a 22" x 28" sheet of parchment-toned, museum-quality Vicksburg Vellum cover stock -- left uncoated, to enhance visual depth. Also available in 11" x 14" print.

You'll feel renewed each time you glance at the scenic apex of the famed
Oregon Trail
. . . a refreshing vista of brilliant white clouds, snow-capped peaks, and the bluest of skies.

To order please send $18.00 + $5.00 S & H for the Large 22" x 18" Poster
or $9.00 + $3.00 S & H for the Small 11" x 14" Poster

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Eugene, OR 97401
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